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Pocahontas NRHS Bluefield WV 2004
Cincinnati 2005 NMRA National convention
Neuse River Valley Model Railroad Club show 2005

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These new pages contain photo galleries of  some of the events where we set up our layout. We hope that these photos serve as a source of inspiration and ideas for modules and layouts of your own.
This gallery does not contain images of all the layouts we've done over the years, just some of the more recient ones. 

These layout plans demonstrate the wide variety of layout designs possible with both a large number of modules, 'inside curve' modules and the use of junction modules.
 The inside curve modules can be identified by their names; "Cranberry/Macadamia", "Turner", "Umbria", and "Kansas".
The Jct Modules are "Frog City", "Salamander Switch", "Carnagie Spur", "Toadboro" and "Pebbles Jct".
With more on the way.


GATS Raleigh NC 1997

GATS Richmond VA 1997

GATS Winston-Salem NC 1998

GATS Raleigh 1998

GATS Harrisburgh PA 1998

GATS Raleigh NC 1999

GATS Richmond VA 1999

GATS Charlotte NC 2002

GATS Charlotte NC 2003

GATS Philidelphia PA 2003

GATS Charlotte 2004

Ken-Fest Boone NC 2005

NRVMRC Raleigh NC 2005 PDF

NRVMRC Raleigh NC 2006

Ken-Fest Boone NC 2007

Timonium MD 2008

Glen-Fest Denver NC 2008