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Cincinnati 2005 NMRA National convention
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Pocahontas NRHS Bluefield WV 2004
Cincinnati 2005 NMRA National convention
Neuse River Valley Model Railroad Club show 2005

In 2004 Ken Anderson decided it might be fun to go to the NMRA national show in Cincinnati Ohio. So, he volunteered as cruse director and made the arrangements. He only got a few members to participate and some of them were admittedly reluctant. Well, the reluctance soon wore off after arriving at the convention and a great time was had. They saw some great stuff and met enthusiastic modelers, some of whom are now building modules themselves. Add to that the unexpected awards the layout received and you have what turned out to be a real great train show. A pleasant surprise overall.


Rick Mattar photo

This is a shot of the whole layout at the convention. The footprint is 40' x 52', one of the smallest layouts we have done in years. The size was limited by both the available space and the cargo capacity of the vehicles making the trip.

Rick Mattar photo

It is the editor's understanding that the layout seen behind ours was the second largest operating layout. (there was a larger Z scale layout "the doesn't matterhorn" which wasn't operational)

Rick Mattar photo

One more close-up from above.

Rick Mattar photo

A close-up of the right side of the layout.  

Rick Mattar photo

A Carolina truck waiting at a grade crossing on the module 'Grandad".

photographer unknown

The full crew at this show and their awards, congradulations!
<left to right> Rick Mattar, Joe Balint, Ken Anderson (cruse director) Curtis Pope, Glen Frix.