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Neuse River Valley Model Railroad Club show 2005

In early 2005 The Neuse River Valley Model Railroad Club asked us if we would be interested in setting up our layout at their annual November train show. Joe Balint volunteered as the cruse director and coordinated the details with the NRVMRC people. They were very generous and gave us a very large footprint to fill. Joe used the footprint to create a unique double layout which used every module we had. We  can honestly say that we have never built a layout quite like that before.  

NRVMRC 2005 Show PDF file

Rick Mattar photo

Friday evening: you can see the small 'L' shaped loop in the fore ground  and the larger 'U' shaped loop in the back ground.

Rick Mattar photo

Saturday morning (show is open): on the right is the small 'L' shaped loop. The connection between the loops is visable to the right of a 'J' shaped branch off the 'U' shaped loop.
Before too long we'll have the whole alphabet

Rick Mattar photo

There is a fair amount of switching on the small loop. The freight cars are on "Nottingham" and "Mom" modules.

Rick Mattar photo

Here you can see industrial siding on "Harcurve" and "Kansas" plus the connection between the "21" and the mains on "Snovel Jct".

Rick Mattar photo

The connection between the two loops is in the center of this shot, and the branch is the the background.

Rick Mattar photo

The large loop is mostly visable here. Randy can be seen tinkering on his 40' long KSM steel mill which provides a nice perspective for sizing the layout.

Rick Mattar photo

The remainder of the large loop.

Rick Mattar photo

The branch line connection at "Carnagie Spur". The branch is made of "mini" modules. They are basically what you get when you split a standard 30" wide module in half, length wise. So that makes them 15" wide and standard length.

Rick Mattar photo

Here is Glen switching across "Toadboro" and "Frog City". The loop connection is beyond "Frog City" and an animated Amelia is explaining something to a bystander.

Rick Mattar photo

In the fore ground is "Cranberry and Macadamia", in the back is "Syracusa" and the now scrapped green mountain. We could hide alot of junk in that mountain...

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